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Songwriting Classes

In addition to writing his own jams, Z. helps aspiring musicians
hone their craft through customized, one-on-one songwriting lessons.

A generous and versatile collaborator, Z. loves working with artists of all skill levels. Adaptable in his approach, Z. focuses on helping writers develop their voices and expand their abilities as composers and lyricists. 

Each session is tailored to fit your musical journey and suit your particular goals. Whether you're new to writing and need some help with fundamentals, or you're a seasoned tunesmith who could use a hand getting going, Z.'s unique insight can give you the tools you need to take your compositions to the next level.

Class is in Session

What should you expect from classes? Glad you asked:

  • Where It's At. Classes are taught virtually through Live Lesson Masters. Just check the schedule online to select a time that works for you. After you sign up, go to your email for a confirmation.


  • What's Goin' On. Classes are about you. Z. works to help you unlock your passion and shapes each session to speak to where you are at in your evolution as a songwriter. Some lessons may be feedback-driven, others might involve prompts and exercises, and some might involve breaking down specific elements of songwriting; like form, chord patterns, melody, harmony, and lyrical composition.

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